Monthly Subscription Boxes

Monthly subscription boxes get delivered, well…monthly and can be filled with pretty much anything. You can get subscription boxes for everything – for your pets (get collars, treats, toys) and of course marijuana (get 420 related accessories – pipes, cleaners, stickers, joint papers etc). There is one monthly subscription company that will deliver actual weed BUDS to your home, but it’s only in San Fransisco at the moment. But for everywhere else, it’s still ridiculously illegal to ship marijuana. Drugs are bad.

Find the current available subscription services below.

Subscription Services

420 Goody Box ($28-$30 / month)

Dollar High Club ($1-$30 / month)

Kush Cargo  ($20 / month – Specific “Dab” or “Nug” boxes available to suit your smoking preference. Get both for $38 / month.

Hemper ($30/ month)

Stashbox  ($30 / month)


Fallen Friends..

Burn Box ($20-30 / month) Out Of Business


The Dude Boxx ($40/ month) – Out Of Business

Green Bake Box ($30 / month) Out Of Business