How to get a Colorado MED badge (Support or Key)

We’ve summarized how to get a badge and get licensed to work in the weed industry in Colorado. No reputable (or responsible) company will hire you without being properly licensed. They will suffer huge fines and even suspension of their own licenses. Before you can even set foot in the legal marijuana industry here in Colorado, you need to get a badge!

Download the application

Download MMED Support AND Key badge application (Updated October 31st 2016) (PDF) (SAME DOCUMENT FOR KEY AND SUPPORT BADGE APPLICANTS) (PDF Revised 10/31/2016)


Check the most recent version of the application here. The MED will only accept applications using the most current version.
The badge goes by a few names – MED badge, support badge, key badge or even just simply “badged”. It all means the same thing in general – authorization from the Colorado Marijuana Enforcement Division to work in the marijuana industry. Note that even if your job is to re-stock paper towels in the bathrooms all day long and you’re in an area that has anything to do with (legal) marijuana, you’ll still need to a badge!


Visit the Colorado MED website here

Take a look around!

There are two types of MED badges, both are valid from two years beginning on the date of issue. The two badges are generally called a “key badge” ($300) and a “support badge” ($150). If you’re just starting in the industry, it’s likely you’ll only need a support badge. If you’re stepping into a management, investor or even launching your own marijuana business a key badge would be necessary. Key badges are for “key people” – managers, owners and people that make decisions directly impacting the business.

Both badges require a decent amount of paperwork and disclosure, so be prepared – they even want to know what tattoos or identifying marks you have on your body. Kinky.

Download the Colorado MED Key AND support badge application here -> DR%208517e%20Occupational%20Appl%201102016_1.pdf

(Yes, same application for both types of badge). Read it over, fill it out and then read it over again. [u:qeu86y6m]Be truthful[/u:qeu86y6m].

Be sure you can provide proof of residency – this means you’ve got a Colorado ID!

Get your application notarized.

This is a recent change (May 9th 2016) and should be completed before you visit the MED’s office’s to submit your application and get your finger prints and photo taken. Many places offer notarizing usually at little to no cost – I found my bank was willing to notarize my signature for free. The MED will not accept applications that have not been notarized. Google is your friend. UPS stores and most banks offer Notary services.

Take your application into the MED offices along with your ID and any necessary supporting legal documents if you’ve got a criminal record of some sort. Hopefully by this stage you can understand that any drug related crime that you were convicted for won’t get you a MED badge. Heh. 

Visit a MED office

Denver – APPOINTMENT ONLY. Email the MED at this email address

Denver Office: (NEW LOCATION as of September 28, 2016)
1697 Cole Blvd., Suite 200
Lakewood, CO 80401
(I-70 Exit 263 – West/Colorado Mills Parkway)
Email for an appointment:

Mon – Fri: 8AM-11AM and then 1PM-2PM.

Marijuana Enforcement Division: MAP  or STREET VIEW
1697 Cole Blvd., Suite 200
Lakewood, CO 80401

*So this is still a bit of a pain in the ass to find, I would of been disappointed if it was super easy :). To add to the confusion, the address the MED lists on the Support and Key badge application:

1707 Cole Blvd., Suite 300
Lakewood, CO 80401

Isn’t the address they list on their State Office page here. We found 1707 Cole Blvd to be the correct address. Follow signs to “Department of Revenue”. Go up the stairs to the second floor and you’ll literally walk right into it. Some nice front desk MED people will help you out. YOU HAVE TO HAVE AN APPOINTMENT TO GET A BADGE. WALK IN = TURN AROUND AND WALK OUT! 

Colorado Springs Office (Southern): MAP or STREET VIEW
1030 South Academy Blvd. Suite 200
Colorado Springs, CO 80910
Call for an appointment: 719-570-5622

Longmont Office (North):   MAP or STREET VIEW
275 South Main Street, Suite 101
Longmont, CO 80501
Call for an appointment: 303-866-2274

Grand Junction Office (Western):  MAP (No street view available)
632 Market Street, Suite G3
Grand Junction, CO 81505
Call for an appointment: 970-248-7181

If you’re successful, you’ll get a receipt with your proposed MED badge number (pending background check verifications etc).

Now just chill and wait a bit…

Once the MED office completes their background investigation, you’ll get an envelope in the mail with your badge. :thumbup:. You can use the receipt obtained at the processing office to apply for jobs in the legal marijuana industry!


Here’s what the actual badges look like, minus the fuzzy parts.


Colorado Support Badge MED
A typical support badge issued by the Colorado MED.

Your Questions

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Hey there. I have printed and filled out the MED Badge application, and I was wondering about the last 2 pages – there are spots for initials as well as a notary. Do you know if I need to get this notarized prior to attending the office, or do they go over that section with me and then notarize my signature?

Get it notarized BEFORE you visit the office to submit your application in person.

This is a recent change to the application form (the notary requirement took effect May 9th) – and I know some people don’t realize that the form has to be notarized and just signed it, only to be turned away once they attempted to submit it.

I think these are pretty much asking the same thing:

Is this internationally invites?
Do they also provide paper such as confirmation letter to help get passport ?

….and this person asked:

hi, you have to be a citizen of colorado to see your med application approved or i simply can travel to colorado, rent a room and call it residence? i mean i am italian and i don’t have any documents of colorado i only have my id card which is the italian one

If you’re asking if an international person might get a MED card? – it would be no. You have to establish Colorado residency before the MED will accept your Marijuana Enforcement Division badge permitting working in the Colorado Cannabis Industry.

I think that’s what you asked, anyway!?


Keep the questions coming by commenting below or contact us.