Nutrient MUST have’s – Don’t grow weed without these

There are LOTS of methods and LOTS of products for gardeners to choose when growing cannabis/marijuana/weed. There are also some fundamental nutrients that are a must have if you want to successfully birth, veg, flower, harvest and SMOKE weed!

One of the golden examples of a nutrients you should probably pick up when beginning to grow weed – Cal-Mag (Calcium and Magnesium) – it can be found in the majority of grows. There’s always other options – no question – but if you want to grow weed, do it reliably and do it EASILY…you should plan on buying these nutrients and supplies..


PH Testing device

(Either a PH pen, or color-changing PH testing solution). Recommend the PH pen!


BlueLab PH Pen
A digital PH meter makes accurately balancing your nutrient mixes easy. (BlueLab model shown)

BlueLab makes one of the more popular PH pens – found in home grows to full warehouse commercial operations. It’s not cheap ($80) – but the accuracy and quality pay for it’s self over time.

Other options are the basic PH testing kit. General Hydroponics makes a PH testing kit for under $10. You won’t get much accuracy as the color of the solution depicts the PH level, rather than a simple meter with numbers (BlueLab).










Cal-Mag is a staple in most marijuana gardens.

Weed loves Cal-Mag. There are some nutrients that are given to the plant throughout it’s vegetative and flowering cycles. Cal-Mag is one of those nutrients.

As the popularity of using Coco as a growing medium increased, growers noticed a calcium deficiency. They figured out Coco-coir has a natural Calcium draw and needed to compensate for the loss. Enter Cal-Mag.

Typical dosing is between 3-5ml/gallon, but that depends on what you are growing  and how you are growing it.








A liquid oxidizer such as H202 can be used in all phases of marijuana cultivation.

H202 is a liquid oxidizer, it helps the root system and breaks down any dead organic material so it doesn’t rot and poison your plants. Wear gloves and protective eyewear – it will burn your skin white!









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