Walsenburg Weed

When was the last time you travelled to Walsenburg, CO? The town, roughly three hours South of Denver has just signed off on a $1.33 million contract with developers to construct a 332 acre cannabis grow farm.

Estimated to provide jobs for 500 people and pump an incredible $1 million dollars back into the struggling town. With a population fewer than 3,000 residents and the once booming coal mining industry coming to an end, Walsenburg embraced the marijuana developers.

The mayor of the town, James Eccher said “The only export we really had was smart kids. Now hopefully this will be able to retain those kids in this community.”

The town of Walsenburg is hoping the new massive outdoor marijuana grow facility will demonstrate the use of natural growing methods – the sun. The vast majority of grows use energy hogging lighting that can even require a mini electrical sub-station built outside the grow facility to provide the massive amount of power needed for a typical marijuana warehouse grow.