Tourists and MMJ – A Few Tips to Get You By

Experiencing marijuana in Colorado is one of the best ways to try cannabis. There are a few things anyone who isn’t familiar with Colorado and Marijuana should know. Stay safe, stay legal and stay high with these tips!
Any and all consumption of marijuana must be in a private place.

Coloradans are respectful people. Just like alcohol, you can’t drink on the streets and parks – you can’t light one up as soon as you’ve made your first purchase and stepped out of the dispensary. Keep your cannabis in your pocket or purse until you’re back at home base.

Colorado had over $1 Billion in sales 2016
Colorado had over $1 Billion in sales 2016

If you’re caught by law enforcement or an investigator with the Colorado Marijuana Enforcement Division gets involved (locally known as the "MED") and they spot you blazing in the dispensary parking lot, the entire marijuana dispensary could be fined or even shut down. With such a new industry that hasn’t ever been regulated until recently, expect regulations such as this "consumption in private" rule to be enforced heavily. Oh, you’ll get a ticket for public consumption of marijuana too if caught. Now you have a criminal record. Smoke in private!

Not only is it a Colorado law, it’s just basic social etiquette. Marijuana stinks – some people absolutely hate the smell.

Ask questions

If you are not sure. ASK. Cannabis is an extremely powerful plant and there are a multitude of ways it can be absorbed into the human body. As recreational sales have skyrocketed, equipment to make special cannabis concentrates like shatter, wax and budder have become more available and accessible to cultivation facilities. Expect to find all sorts of different products with all sorts of different potency levels. I think the only similarity marijuana shares with alcohol are the varieties available! Ask here ask your budtender and ask Google.

Edibles can kick your ass

Many out of state residents choose edibles as their first entry into the amazing world of marijuana. It’s generally a good idea, as it bypasses any need to set things on fire and breathe…something not everyone is used to or enjoys, but be careful. Edibles can seem harmless with no immediate “pot effect” and their chocolate or peanut butter goodness inside. It can take up to 45 minutes to literally hours after an edible is consumed for the effects to be felt.

edible selection
Marijuana edibles can pack a punch

Don’t forget, you can purchase different doses of edibles (typically in milligrams – i.e. 100mg / bar) and each person’s digestive system is different. Even the food consumed before eating the infused edible can have an impact on how well and how quickly the THC is absorbed.

The Colorado MED requires all edibles be split into 10mg doses and no recreational edible may contain greater than 100mg THC, the general consensus is to “go low and go slow”. Start with a 10mg dose (or chunk) and wait an hour or two. Assess and repeat.

Pot clubs and private smoke-sessions exist. Somewhere.

Honestly, this is a little bit of a grey area for me as I’m not sure what would upgrade a bunch of people in a private building smoking pot to "unlawful cannabis consumption". If you are required to pay to enter the smoke lounge/club…does that make it less private? There are cannabis clubs scattered around Colorado. They aren’t really advertised much as I’m guessing they want to stay under the radar a bit. If anyone knows of clubs post a reply and i’ll add it up here.

Pot Clubs / Cafes (Places to smoke weed)

Club Ned in Nederland Colorado –

Don’t smoke pot and drive

Nope. Don’t do it. Uber, Lyft, RTD buses, RTD light rail, Stay put or walk.

How do I transport marijuana and what happens if I got pulled over by a cop?

Put your cannabis in your trunk. Many visitors to Colorado have asked what happens if you were to get pulled over for speeding (or tail light out..something) what would the cop do if you have marijuana in your vehicle? There are basic recommendations that will prevent hassle before it begins.


Keep your cannabis products in the trunk, out of sight. Aslong as you have not been consuming marijuana while you were travelling, the officer will have no reason to suspect cannabis is on board. If your vehicle is searched – make sure you keep the cannabis in the bag it was handed to you in at the dispensary. The dispensary should always give you a receipt or at least ask if you want one. Keep the receipt with or in the bag.

Most of the time you’ll see the receipt physically stapled onto the top of the bag. Keep all staples, receipts and bags intact until you get to your smoke spot (NOT IN PUBLIC!).

How much marijuana can I have?

Out of State (or country) residents can legally carry an ounce of marijuana on their person, but they are not allowed to buy more than 7grams (a quater ounce) in one transaction. The trick, my friends, is to visit several dispensaries and make four purchases of 7 grams each. That is, if you’re hellbent on getting an ounce – in a roundabout way. I’d just spend the money on a variety of products – concentrates, patches, CBD, edibles and flower…but that’s just me.

Indicas will put you in-da-couch

If you’ve not experienced top shelf cannabis before and used to smoke pot "back in the day", be prepared. The rapid saturation of dispensaries, especially in the Denver-Metro area has required dispensaries to up their game or face slow or no business. There’s huge competition amongst dispensaries and each company wants their cannabis to be the most potent. It’s not uncommon for some strains to be above 25% THC – almost double what the weed in the 1970’s used to have.

Indica cannabis strains are known for their relaxing body effects and can be especially useful when trying to wind down or go to sleep. Beware! Consuming an indica cannabis strain via a bong, edible or tincture could literally see you going for a nap within 30 minutes.

There are many different types of cannabis and you can literally "dial in" the type of effect you want by choosing the correct strain to ingest or inhale. Your budtender should be able to help you out with that. Since you’re here ..check out It’s a great resource for researching strains.

Don’t leave the State with Marijuana

While you might be able to transport your personal marijuana within the state – i.e. from the dispensary to your hotel, house, or up to the mountains for a hike – you cannot leave the state with marijuana. All States that neighbor Colorado do not permit recreational or medicinal use, so expect to be arrested if an out-of-state officer spots your weed!

MMJ smugle
Its okay to travel with properly packaged and documented MMJ within Colorado.

I think DIA (Denver International Airport) has boxes where you can drop off any marijuana, paraphernalia right before you head through TSA security check.

If you want to literally fly HIGH – eat your edible, smoke your flower or apply your patch before you get to the airport!


This is an amazing time for Cannabis and the United States in general. With four States legalising recreational pot, take your time and enjoy the legal cannabis buying experience! Colorado is at the forefront of cannabis cultivation and provides lots of choices. Take in as much as you can (pun intended), smoke some awesome marijuana and come back soon!